Tailored to fit your child with adjustable desk height and tilting desk surface. Three desktop styles.


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Width 120 cm
Depth 72 cm
Height 53-82 cm
Weight 37 kg

Accessories included:

Book holder foldable
Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass
bag hook

Special features:

Comfort leg frame
Complete table width inclinable
Interchangeable table sides available in 8 variants


Width 86cm
Depth 72 cm
Height 53-82 cm
Weight 32 kg

Accessories included:

Book holder foldable
Magnetic anti-slip feature with ruler and magnifying glass
bag hook

Special features:

Comfort leg frame
Complete table width inclinable
Interchangeable table sides available in 8 variants

Giant drawer:

Giant drawer for desk mounting for additional stowage space without movement restrictions with pen tray

Width 103 cm
Depth 42 cm
height 5,5 cm
Weight 4.3 kg

Side Top:

Height-adjustable extension of the table top to the left or right

Width 40 cm
Depth 72 cm
Weight 7.5 kg

Flex Deck:

Multifunctional wall with two shelves and magnetic board wall

Width 120 cm
Depth 30 cm
Height 67 cm
Weight 16.6 kg

Multi Deck:

Extension of the table top in depth

Width 120 cm
Depth 22 cm
Height 17 cm
Weight 6.8 kg


Double-sided magnetic back wall, which can be used either as a board or as a whiteboard.

Width 120 cm
Depth 6 cm
Height 25 cm
Weight 7.2 kg

Drawer cover:

protect the drawer from dust and glimpses

Width 103 cm
Depth 42 cm
Height 4 cm
Weight 2.4 kg

Cable duct cover:

protects the cable duct against dust and glances

Width 102 cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 0,7 kg


2 drawers and lockable utensil compartment

Width 43 cm
Depth 54 cm
Height 42 cm
Weight 22.5 kg


XXL alternative to Cubic: Provides an additional drawer and a shelf unit with two storage compartments

Width 43 cm
Depth 54 cm
Height 88 cm
Weight 37.0 kg


The Cubic turns into a mobile stool with the seat cushion

Width 43 cm
Depth 54 cm
Height 4 cm


Melamine resin-coated surface.

MDF boards:


Wood materials according to /EN 312/ and /EN 14322/

CARB II: moll wood materials are CARB II compliant with stricter limit values than E1 according to test method EN 120 – based on current knowledge, ensures that normal, appropriate use will cause no harm or health damage.

Decorative surfaces:

tested for wear resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, impact stress and burning cigarette ash according to EN 14322.

Solid wood panels:

made oak or walnut — varnished or oiled. Tested according to DIN EN 13353 and DIN EN 13017-2.

FSC certified:

Solid wood as natural raw material from sustainable forestry ensures responsible handling of raw wood material.

ABS edges:

Thermoplastic material with excellent material and usage properties. Impact resistant, highly resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

Color pigment and cover varnish system:

UV-curable lacquers, waterbased and therefore highly environmentally friendly. Tested and certified according to RAL UZ 38.

Moll Champion Adjustable Desk



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The outstanding design of the moll Champion was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2012 by an international jury of experts. The reddot is the international award for high design quality and only goes to products that set themselves apart considerably through outstanding design.

The moll Champion was nominated for the renowned German Design Award 2018. Every year, the German Design Council awards prizes to products that are pioneering in the design landscape.

What makes the Champion so unique?

Champion grows with every challenge. The desks have tilt-adjustable tops in three versions, so both right- and lefthanders can create the optimal learning space. Thanks to plenty of storage options, a roomy cable channel, a wide choice of colors and easy adaptability to one’s own way of working, Champion can easily adjust to the needs of children and teens.

The Only Desk Your Child Will Ever Need

Uniquely designed with Moll brand German engineering, this ergonomic desk adjusts to fit your child at every growth spurt. The desk height and desk surface adjust fully to ensure healthy posture and encourage good study habits.

A Desk Your Child Won’t Outgrow

A fun yo-yo style pulley makes it easy for your child to adjust the desk to the best height. This individualized ergonomic comfort reduces strain on your child’s back and neck. The unique adjustable desk design ensures the same ergonomic benefits for your child from preschool through high school.

Tilting Desk Surface Reduces Eye Strain

Moll Champion Desk is available in three desk surface styles: left up split top, right up split top and front up. All three desk surface styles are 47.25″W x 29.32″D.

The adjustable desk surface tilts up to 20°. A pinch-free, child-friendly button makes it easy for your child to position the work surface at the perfect angle for reading, writing and creating. A magnetic anti-slip strip secures items on the tilting surface.

Left Up Split Top: A tilting work surface on the left and a stationary surface on the right and back of desk. Ideal for right handed children.

Right Up Split Top: A tilting work surface on the right and a stationary surface on the left and back of desk. Ideal for left handed children.

Front Up: The entire work surface tilts. A stationary surface on the back of the desk offers storage.

Kid Friendly Colors

Dress up your desk to match your favorite hue, decor or mood with assorted color covers for the leg runners and yo-yo pulley. Your child can easily change the colors anytime. This versatility ensures the desk will fit your child’s style from tot to teen.

Includes leg runner covers and yo-yo pulley covers in eight colors: blue, red, orange, green, pink, black, white and silver.

Product Specifications

  • Desk leg bases feature disappearing rolling casters to easily move the desk.
  • Magnetic anti-slip strip with a built in ruler and magnifying glass keeps books in place on the tilted surface.
  • Roomy compartment on the back of the desk neatly stores power cords and cables.
  • Super sturdy, kid-friendly construction. Made for wear and tear with easy-to-clean, exclusive melamine resin-coated chipboard.
  • Portable book holder attaches to the desk or folds away in a book bag for ergonomic reading comfort wherever your child goes.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 47.25″W x 28.4″D
  • Desk height adjusts from 20.87″ to 32.29″
  • Fits children and adults from 3′ 7″ to 6′ 7″
  • Assembly required

Champion Front Up: Tilt adjustment over the entire width of the desk.

120 × 72 cm, with 120 × 52 cm tilt-adjustable

Champion Left Up: Divided tilt adjustment, perfect for right-handers.

120 × 72 cm, with 69 × 52 cm tilt-adjustable

Champion Right Up: Divided tilt adjustment, perfect for left-handers.

120 × 72 cm, with 69 × 52 cm tilt-adjustable

If there is only small space available, a compact table is a good solution. The Champion offers the answer with the Champion Compact. With a width of 86 cm, the Champion Compact also finds its place in small corners. And if a larger work surface is required, the Champion Comapct can be easily extended.

The Champion Compact is only available as Front-UP version.

Champion – worlds only kids desk with a QI-Charger

Smartphones and -watches can be charged wireless with the QI-Charger integrated into the desktop of the Champion. The QI-Charger is available separately and can be added later. It is invisibly integrated into the table top. A sticker on the table top indicates the charging position for the device.

Champion: Ergonomics for growth and flexibility

Flexible adjustability has always been a trademark of moll, and that also goes for the Champion: Children grow, and their needs change. That’s why children need desks and chairs that adapt to their body’s proportions – and that at every stage of development. This is where the tried-and-true Comfort height adjustment comes in. It takes just a few seconds to easily bring the desk to the ergonomically correct height. Ergonomically, the correct children’s swivel chair is just as important as the children’s desk.

The patented “Comfort” height adjustment

The patented Comfort height adjustment in the feet continuously adjusts the desk height to crucially contribute to the desk’s outstanding ergonomics. This is unique, and a typical patented innovation from moll. Thanks to this patented height adjustment, the moll Champion can be infinitely adjusted to body sizes of up to 200 cm without any effort and without risk of injury.

Total easy with the Yo-Yo

With the integrated yo-yo device in the “Comfort” pedestal makes the desks easy and safe for children to adjust with a control cable. The yo-yo can also be removed as a child-proof lock.

Accurate to the centimetre

The desk height can be adjusted from 53 cm to 82 cm, ideal for body sizes 110 cm to 200 cm. A scale on the base frame helps with precise adjustment.

The patented tilt adjustment for the Champion

For ergonomically healthy posture when drawing, writing, reading or doing crafts, all moll desks have a safe and easy-to-operate tilt function.

The desktop can be adjusted at various angles to let children choose the most relaxed seating position for activities like writing, drawing or reading. With Champion “front up”, the desktop’s entire width is tilt-adjustable, and only a fixed storage area at the back stays level. Champion “left up” is especially good for right-handed people, because here only the left part of the desktop is angled. The right side is the ideal storage surface. Left-handers have other needs, and that’s why there’s the “right up” model. Here the right side can be tilted while the left stays level.

Child’s play to operate
Desks are only adjusted by children when it is easy and intuitive to do. It is child’s play — and safe — to use the control cable to tilt Champion’s desktop as far as 20° at the front edge.

Absolutely safe

The desktop’s safety tilt adjustment can be continuously adjusted to an angle of 20°. Highest quality guarantees a handling without injuries.

Ergonomics thanks to an individual work top
Grasping and viewing direction differs for right- and left-handers. We’ve thought that through: Based on the version chosen, the tilt-adjustable and stationary part of the desktop is ergonomically adapted. Champion combines ergonomics with order. The option to tilt just part of the desktop means that everything on the level part stays in its place. There is a choice between “left up” and “right up”.

Colorful children’s desks — as the child wants it
Kids like to have their favorite color around them all the time — adults buy children’s furniture for a long useful life. Champion grant both wishes and presents a stylish solution: the Champion desk that grows with the child. As an enhancement to the minimalist Champion, with its white desk sides, the side panel colors and decors can be changed later as color taste changes.

What the child needs at the desk is always there

It’s often the details that make a good product outstanding. moll Champion’s standard equipment includes many other practical organizational aids

Every desk comes with a book holder, a magnetic ruler and a bag hook. And the best is: All these practical, attractive helpers are always to top moll quality and always there – these extras ideally enhance the study area. Quality is also a top priority for the extras. They are just as durable as the table.

The Champion ruler offers more than help with drawing straight lines. It has a magnifier, and its magnet inlay keeps it from slipping on tilted desktops.

Foldable book support
Champion’s foldable book support is more than just a bookend. When it’s folded, it fits into any bag and can even be taken to school. Two aluminum rods always have a firm grip on the book, which can’t even slide when the desktop is tilted.

Bag hook
With Champion, even the school bag has its fixed place on the desk. The bag hook can be flexibly hung onto the side portions of the desk. This puts everything right within reach.

Cable duct provides space and safety
Cables lying on the floor can quickly be rolled over by the vacuum cleaner or chair. They often become tripping hazards, and when they tangle they may break in ways that are barely visible. Nothing is more annoying than space-hogging cable spaghetti on the desk.In the Champion desk’s optionally available cable duct, not only multiple electrical sockets disappear, but so do all the cables connected to them. There is also an optional cable duct cover. With its coverable cable duct, the Champion creates order and ensures an ideal power supply for all devices on the desk.

The moll Champion creates space and order for your child

In addition to design and ergonomics, space is crucial to a good desk. Because children’s rooms may offer limited space, users welcome intelligent solutions for dealing with space issues. For many years, moll has been known for solutions that create space in close quarters. They ensure that even tilted desktops always have enough space for studying, reading and work, in a tidy, structured environment.

To neaten things up, the thing you need most is space. Equipped or upgraded with the right furniture elements, the Champion can create needed storage surface on the desk. For example, they range from extension panels available in many shapes that enlarge the work surface in all directions, to a giant drawer, or even additional containers that not only provide mobile storage space, but also an overview into the tray. The interior is designed in such a way that folders, small utensils, drawing pads and CDs can find a place there.

Giant drawer — more space with the Champion

So that all utensils are in easy reach without making a mess on the desk, Champion offers a giant drawer with plenty of storage that does not limit freedom of movement. The giant drawer is equipped with two foam inserts that prevent pencils and pens from sliding around. Optionally, the drawer can be expanded with the OrgaSet organizer for a better overview.

When they start school, children just need a couple of notebooks. Later come a lot of books, and finally a computer with a monitor. This is fine when you can easily extend the desk later. All extensions, add-on parts and accessories from moll can be integrated later at any time.

Side Top

Side Top is height-adjustable and can be mounted on the right or left.


The two-sided back wall can be used as a chalkboard, a whiteboard with water-soluble markers, and a magnet board. The user decides which page is oriented to himself.

Multi Deck

Multi Deck increases table depth. Two aluminum-color-coated bookends make sure nothing can fall from the sides.

Flex Deck – the master of multifunction

This multifunctional wall is fastened directly to the desk panels with two brackets to extend the desk to the third level. Standard equipment includes a magnetic pin board, which can also be used as a whiteboard and two shelves. Two aluminum  bookends make sure nothing can fall from the sides. Next to that, you can also attach an optional Utensilo, which offers countless options for storing pencils, papers and odds and ends.

The Flex Deck is also available in a compact version.

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